Richard Orjis

Richard Orjis


Master of Fine Arts, Elam, The University of Auckland, 2006, NZ

Bachelor of Visual Arts, AUT, Auckland, 2001, NZ

Certificate in Art & Design, AUT, Auckland, 1998, NZ




Hauora Garden, Collaborative project with A.D Schierning,

Studio One Ponsonby Rd, POP / Auckland Council Public Art Project , Auckland, NZ

Pasture Paintings, Collaborative project with Sarah Smuts-Kennedy and Taariti Taiaroa,

Auckland City, POP / Auckland Council Public Art Project , Auckland, NZ


Walking In Trees , Albert Park, POP / Auckland Council Public Art Project , Auckland, NZ*



Parliament, Bowen House Exhibition Space, Wellington, NZ

Depot Artspace, Devonport, Auckland, NZ

McNamara Gallery Photography Whanganui, NZ

Anatomy is not destiny, St Kevins Arcade, Auckland, NZ

Slip Cast, The Dowse Art Museum, Wellington, NZ

I Stand With You, Fresh Public Art Gallery, Auckland, NZ



Man Made, The Dowse Art Museum, Wellington, NZ

Headcount, Enjoy, Wellington, NZ

Summer Show, Melanie Roger Gallery, NZ

Inaugural Show, Marrickville Garage, Sydney, Australia

Auckland Art Fair, Melanie Roger Gallery, NZ


Te Manawa Art Palmerson North,NZ

The Suter Art Gallery Nelson,NZ

Tauranga Art Gallery,NZ

Aratoi Masterton,NZ

Hastings Art Gallery,NZ




Candelirium, Curated by Karl Fritsch, Hamish McKay Gallery, Wellington, NZ

Saloon Des Ferari, Ferari, Auckland, NZ

Ground, Bartley & Company, Wellington, NZ*

So Give Me the Night: The Art of Richard Orjis, Papakura Art Gallery, Auckland, NZ*

Paris is Burning, Milford Galleries, Dunedin, NZ*

Under quiet volcanoes, Melanie Roger Gallery, Auckland, NZ*

Small Histories, Art Station, Auckland, NZ

Follow You, Follow You, Snake Pit, Auckland, NZ


Auratica Fantastica, Window, University of Auckland, NZ

Components of a special collection: a collaboration with the University of Auckland Fine Arts Library. Projectspace  B431, Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland, NZ

Material Motives, Milford Galleries Dunedin, NZ

Sap, ViewFinder, The Film Archive, Auckland, NZ*

Food 3: A Rainbow Coloured Prepast, curated by Tessa Liard, Western Park, Auckland, NZ

In Another Universe, The University of Waikato, Hamilton, NZ*

Fields, McNamara Gallery, Whanganui, NZ*

Summer Show, Milford Galleries Dunedin, NZ

The Earl Street Journal, Milford Galleries Queenstown, NZ

Comely, Symonds Street Apartment, Auckland, NZ

Animal Aesthetics, The Papakura Art Gallery, Auckland, NZ

Thou shall not Art on Sunday, Uxbridge, Auckland, NZ


The Marvelous, Bartley & Company, Wellington, NZ

MADRIDFOTO, Galeria Luis Adelantado, Palacio de Deportes de la Comunicad, Madrid, Spain

Grass Circle, Te Tuhi Center for the Arts, Auckland, NZ*

PUTIPUTI: The flower in Contemporary Art, Hasting City Art Gallery, Hastings, NZ

Group Show, Anna Bibby, Auckland, NZ

Silver Park*, HSP, Christchurch, NZ

Floriferous, Sarjeant Gallery, Whanganui, NZ

Park*, Public Art Lightbox Installation, Bledisloe Walkway, Auckland City, NZ

Richard Orjis*, Milford Galleries Dunedin, NZ 


The Enchanted Garden, Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki, NZ

Richard Orjis, Starkwhite Gallery, Auckland, NZ*

Recent: Ten Contemporary NZ Photographers, Tauranga Art Gallery, NZ

Animal Farm: 4 Legs Good, Sargeant Gallery, Whanganui, NZ

Flora: Growth Between Neighbours, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia

Seen this Century, Judith Anderson Gallery, Hastings, NZ


little black flower grow, in the sky, Luis Adelantado, Valencia, Spain*

YES, Te Tuhi Centre for Arts, Auckland, NZ*

Richard Orjis, Starkwhite, Auckland, NZ*

Landslide, McNamara Gallery, Whanganui, NZ*

Welcome to the Jungle, The Physic Room, Christchurch, NZ*

The Maui Destiny, The Suter Te Aratoi o Whakatu, Nelson, NZ


Vice, Luis Adelantado, Miami, USA

My Empire of Dirt: Selected works on paper, Roger Williams Contemporary, Auckland, NZ*

Picnics and Revolutions, Roger Williams Contemporary, Auckland, NZ

Richard Orjis / Todd Stratton, Roger Williams Contemporary, Auckland, NZ

Art is 4 Lovers, Butterfly Net, Auckland, NZ

Jewellery out of Context: an exhibition of New Zealand artists / curated by Dr Carole Sheperd and Peer Deckers, Object Space, Auckland, NZ

Fat of the Land, Creative New Zealand, Auckland, NZ

Asian at the Wheel, Gus Fisher Gallery, University of Auckland, Auckland, NZ


The New Situationists, City Gallery, Wellington, NZ

The New Situationists, Canary Gallery, Auckland, NZ

The Orchid Show, Mount Street, Auckland, NZ

Arquivar Tormentas, Centro Galego De Arte Contemporanea, Santiago, Spain

Dep_art_ment, Auckland, New Zealand*

Summer Exhibition, Roger Williams Contemporary, Auckland, NZ

 (*denotes solo shows)


The Real Arts Road Show, NZ

The Jenny Gibbs Collection, Auckland, NZ

The Auckland City Council Collection, Auckland, NZ

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, Madrid, Spain

The Film Archive, Wellington, NZ

The University of Auckland Collection, Auckland.NZ

Wallace Trust Collection, Auckland, NZ



Sarjeant Gallery Tylee Cottage Arts Residency 2014



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