The Glass House

We are taking liberties to fill seemingly empty spaces by inviting people to share food and ideas. Eating, listening, thinking, talking
& throwing stones at prevailing narratives.

Please bring a plate of plant-based food and an object, text or experience that is stimulated by the theme, MAKING KIN(D).
It is open to loose and interdisciplinary interpretation.

Optional reading:
Haraway, D. (2015). Anthrpocene, capitalocene,
plantationocene, chthulucene: Making kin.
Environmental Humanities, 6, 159-165


Months ago Janita Craw and I brainstormed how we might activate this space.

Donna Haraway’s rallying cry to make kin seems so apt provocation in a world that seems so divisive.

Haraway urges us to make kin not only based on ancestry or genealogy but constructing them from rich cultural and biological diversity, from a range of human beings and other species and may I add inanimate objects.

This shed is magical structure, Val smith recently had a queer dating site work for Auckland Fringe and I think we need to have a night of dating this architectural gem.

What better way to active a site and make kin, make kind than forming connections over food and conversation.

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